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Easy entry, easy life

Italian innovation for
the bathtub

The Sportellino is the patented solution for bathroom installations, designed to simplify everyone’s life. This innovative system transforms the tank quickly and efficiently, avoiding invasive, long and expensive interventions.

Easy to install, safe to use, the flap offers an immediate response suitable for any age, budget and practical need, both in domestic and professional environments.

Thanks to the patented system made in Italy and its ease of installation, you guarantee your customers fast, clean and successful work, preserving the existing bathtub: a renovated bathroom without compromise, combining practicality and style.

A family’s story

We transform the tub,
we improve lives

At the heart of our innovation is a vision: a world where the bathtub becomes an accessible and safe place for everyone, suitable for people of any age and physical condition.

From a family business to an international reality, the Sportellino offers solutions that improve everyday life. Our mission is to make every bathroom a comfortable and safe environment, a wellness corner in your own home.

We do this thanks to constant research, enriched by recognized patents and the approval of the Ministry of Economic Development. The door is the symbol of our commitment to a more accessible and inclusive bathroom, where safety and functionality blend perfectly.

Our solutions

Sportellino for installers

Optimise your job with an innovative system that guarantees security, accessibility and independence for your customers without invasive interventions.

Sportellino for retailers

Offer an innovative and easy to install solution that enriches your assortment and sets your store apart in the market.

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