Sportellino for retailers

Fast and economical solution

In just 2 hours without masonry

Universal compatibility

For all standard bathtubs

Made in Italy

With 5 years of warranty

Challengers and Change

Differentiate into a competitive market

In the retail sector specialising in furniture and materials for the bathroom, new challenges constantly emerge related to the search for innovative solutions that combine functionality, convenience and ease of installation.

This need is particularly felt in the homes of elderly people or people with impaired mobility, where accessibility is crucial.

It is essential to propose non-invasive alternative products that meet the budget and needs of people, while ensuring practicality and adaptability and that are easy to integrate into existing domestic environments.

The Sportellino

Transform your assortment, grow your business

The Door is the 1st easy-to-install patented system, born from a long family tradition, which allows you to transform the bathtub into an accessible and safe solution.

A key product in your store’s assortment, a simple solution that reduces working times and costs compared to traditional solutions.

All this thanks to:

  • Easy installation: assembly in just 2 hours, without invasive renovations.
  • Adaptability: compatible with any standard bathtub.
  • 5 Year Warranty: a reliable product that guarantees an excellent return on investment.
  • All you need is a hose, we’ll give you the rest!

In this way you have the opportunity to stand out in the market by offering an efficient and easy to manage solution, which meets the needs and budgets of a large clientele.

The doors of our customers

Ours models

Our models are all CE certified, plexiglass door, stainless steel handle.

Sesame model

Opening outwards counterclockwise, hinges left. Structure in ABS thermoformed.

Modello Beta

Opening inwards, customizable clockwise or counterclockwise with hinges on the right or left. Structure in enamelled sheet.

Modello Dafne

Opening outwards counterclockwise, hinges on the left. Thermoformed ABS structure.

Reliability guaranteed for up to 5 years

We guarantee performance and quality over the years,
offering a continuous experience of safety and functionality in the bathroom.

They have us given trust

The companies and professionals who have already chosen us

The Sportellino is ideal for:

Retailers looking for practical innovations suitable for everyone

Those who want to offer easy-to-install products to customers

For health and care facilities that require facilitated access

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We measure your tub for a perfect fit.


Cut to size

Let's create the necessary space for the Desk



We adjust the door based on the thickness of the tub



We prepare the door carefully for installation



We assemble the Sportellino with care for a perfect finish



A safer and more accessible bathroom, ready in just a few hours

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What support materials are available for the sale of the Sportellino?

We offer a range of promotional materials, including video tutorials and detailed data sheets to help you present your product to your customers in the most effective way.

What are the main advantages of the Sportellino for my customers?

The Sportellino offers a quick, economical and non-invasive solution to improve the accessibility of the bathtubs, with installation in just 2 hours and adaptability to any model of standard bathtub, without invasive work.

Does the Sportellino require special installation tools?

No, the Sportellino is designed to be easily installed with standard tools and without the help of other professionals.

How can I order Sportellino for my store?

To order the Sportellino you can simply contact us through our online form or call us directly, where we will provide all the information necessary for the order and delivery.