How long does it take to install the door?

The installation of the Door is extremely quick and can be completed in just 2 hours. This means you can get your customers to enjoy the benefits of the product right away. The ease of installation of the Door is also designed to offer you comfort and practicality.

How is the door integrated into different bathtubs?

Our system is designed to easily adapt to the dimensions of standard bathtubs, ensuring perfect integration without the need for complex structural modifications. Its versatility allows you to obtain an aesthetically pleasing and efficient result.

What tools are needed to install the Door?

Installation of the door is very simple and quick, requires standard plumbing tools and does not require specialist skills beyond those already possessed or even the help of other professionals in the sector.

How does Sportellino improve my customer service?

The Sportellino allows you to offer an innovative and quick-to-install solution, improving customer satisfaction and reducing the inconvenience caused by long renovations.

What support materials are available for the sale of the Sportellino?

We offer a range of promotional materials, including video tutorials and detailed datasheets to help you present your product to your customers as effectively and clearly as possible.

What are the main advantages of the Sportellino for my customers?

The Sportellino offers a quick and non-invasive solution to improve the accessibility of bathtubs, with installation in just 2 hours and adaptability to all standard bathtubs, without invasive work.

Does the Door require special tools for installation?

No, the door is designed to be installed quickly and easily with standard tools, without the need to involve other industry professionals, for greater convenience for anyone wishing to improve the accessibility of their bathroom.

How can I order the Sportellino?

To order the Door you can simply contact us via our online form or call us directly: we will provide you with all the information necessary for ordering and delivery.